MVP Eco Sculpture Finals nearly Here!

Its mid August, spring is around the corner, and we are, by conservative calculations, just over halfway there.

The 6 finalists were asked to submit a detailed proposal of their work that I am using to construct the sculptures in the valley. Because of their busy schedules, school work, exams and elsats, I wanted to make it as easy for them as possible. What they will be judged on is the quality of their ideas and their ability to synthesise and process their ideas into artwork.

At the halfway point, we have made frameworks for giant dream-catchers, built a raft, cut rounds for an emoticon forest, felled trees for a piece about networks and connections, constructed 85% of  the Protector of the Forest and begun weaving a series of giant spider webs.

It is the most satisfying and exciting thing to see these sculptures begin to be realised.

Nature’s Eye in progress…

In the process, when we clear areas to install the works of art, we are clearing alien vegetation. But, instead of creating a mess of biomass that is a fire hazard, we are processing the waste into artworks, paths and points of interest.

It’s this conceptual shift away from waste that I believe is so important for future sustainability, and turning it into art is a dream come true.

The contestants have been dropping in to chip in and lend a hand, fine tune and get their visions just right. In the next two and a half weeks we will be finishing the sculptures, planting the trees and tidying up the pathways, all ready for the launch on Sunday the 1st of September when we will have music and market, sculptures and nature…

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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