Give a Hoot & Buy an Owl Box

Our first fundraising project: making owl boxes to provide habitat for these important raptors.

Thanks to our local community newsletter The Gram who has featured an advert for us, we have sold our first owl boxes!

Owl Box Project

Mrs Grams advert for our owl boxes

How much does an owl box cost?

Eagle owl box: R450 / Barn owl box: R550.

Installation: based on ‘pay by heart’ donations. We will install for free, but donations are appreciated as they help cover our expenses and keep the project growing. 

Here is one of the first owl boxes that we made, the view from one of the installed owl boxes and one of the owl boxes being installed in a tall tree.

So far we’ve made and sold about 11 owl boxes to people who give a hoot in Swellendam and Franschhoek. The owl boxes that we have built and installed are for eagle owls.

We have made our first barn owl box which slightly different to the eagle owl boxes and will be installing it soon.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased an owl box and made a donation for the installation thereof.

A special thanks to Iris Gibson for sponsoring an owl box and its installation in Masbiekers Valley!

To order an owl box, contact Andrew: 0631132254 / email him.

Eagle owlet by Noa Allerton

Eagle owlet by Noa Allerton